A mere four months after the release of Pioneer, it looks like the Maine already have more music recorded and on the way. Drummer Pat Kirch revealed as much in a recent blog post:

“Need sleep in Brisbane.

Manila was amazing. Such a cool way to kick off the Pioneer world tour. Now we are in Brisbane getting ready to start the tour with New Found Glory and Taking Back Sunday. I have been in more airports in the past week than I can count it is pretty insane I would have never thought I would be doing this. I feel like I am not really on a time zone I am just barley awake at all times. Besides that it has been a blast and I cant wait to keep playings shows we have a lot coming up over the next few months. Gonna be a long one.
Excited to go explore the town a little tomorrow and get into some trouble.
New musical recordings coming your way soon. Just heard the final mix tonight. It is a fun one.
See you in hell


We'll keep you updated as more details on these new songs are revealed.