Morrissey’s ‘Autobiography’ to debut at number on U.K. book charts; best-selling music memoir ever

October 23, 2013
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Morrissey's new autobiography, simply titled Autobiography, which was released last week in the U.K. and Europe via Penguin Classics, is set to debut at number one on the U.K. book charts, selling just shy of 35,000 copies.

The book, subject to some controversy before it was even released due to its dubious “Penguin Classics” distinction, a label usually reserved to older, more known works, is an intimate look into the life and mind of the notoriously private performer. In it, Moz reveals previously unknown details about his sexuality, personal life, relationship with the media and press, thoughts on his former band, The Smiths, and insight into his upbringing.

Aside from the number one spot, Autobiography will also earn the title of fastest-selling music memoir of all-time in the U.K., a distinction previously held by Keith Richards' Life. According to Morrissey-Solo, the book will also become the second best-selling memoir in general.

For his part, the singer hosted exactly one book signing, last week in Gothenburg, Sweden. Autobiography currently does not have a U.S. release date, though it can be obtained through various third-party resellers.

Morrissey's new live concert film, Morrissey: 25 Live, was also released this week on DVD and Blu-ray worldwide. After a year plagued by tour complications, Moz currently has no upcoming live dates planned.

Written by Philip Obenschain

APTV Nashville Correspondent Born and raised on a steady diet of punk rock and DIY culture in Staunton, Virginia, and now residing in Nashville, Tennessee, Philip Obenschain has spent time as a touring artist, artist manager, and show promoter, and is currently involved in television production and music tech, outside of journalism. In addition to his work at Alt Press and APTV, Philip is the assistant editor at No Country For New Nashville.