Denny's mosh pit, wacko

Denny’s gig mosh pit damages dining room, band raising repair funds

What the fuck is up Denny's?

December 16, 2019
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Denny’s received quite a wake-up call when metal outfit Wacko managed to open a mosh pit in the middle of the diner.

What better way to end 20ninescene than with a rager at your favorite breakfast spot.

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This isn’t the first time the chain has seen a metal band take over. In 2018, a video resurfaced online from 2013 of a band who opened up a pit in another Denny’s.

This time, it all began when Long Beach-based group Wacko were booked at their local Denny’s for Dec 15.

“They tell me that the special tonight is Wacko,” an audience member shouted before the band ripped into their set.

Several attendees posted their own videos from the night. With several points of view, you can see how crazy it really got in the restaurant.

There were also plenty of crowd surfers in attendance as well, making the restaurant feel as if it was an actual venue.

The whole set lasted about twenty minutes and included an encore. Check it out below.

Even though it was probably the sickest situation the restaurant will ever be a part of, it didn’t go without damages.

The band posted photos and video from the event on Instagram, asking for help in covering the broken chairs, tables, and a chandelier.

So lots of shit was broken at the dennys show and the yung ass kid who already dropped hella dough on renting the Denny’s got fucked and now has to pay up to a grands worth of damages from the tables to chairs to the fucking chandelier. if you broke shit on purpose you suck but at least you and any1 who has a heart for what this kid pulled off should donate some money to his ass.

Would you have joined in on the mosh pit at Denny’s? Let is know in the comments below!

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Written by Alyssa Quiles