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After receiving critical acclaim and some not-so-great fan reactions, Star Wars: The Last Jedi has caused quite the stir between critics and fans over just how successful the latest Star Wars film really is. 

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One Reddit user, TheNeptunianSloth, decided enough was enough. To end the debate on whether TLJ was really the most divisive film in the franchise’s history, he created a simple equation in order to figure it out, as NME explains. 

According to the music news source, the user took to IMDB to look at the statistics for every film. After determining what the standard deviation of each film’s rating was, he was then able to establish a list of what film is the most divisive to the least divisive by which film had the highest standard deviation. 

Here are the results:

1. The Last Jedi – 2.696
2. The Phantom Menace – 2.062
3. Attack of the Clones – 1.914
4. Revenge of the Sith – 1.837
5. Return of the Jedi – 1.695
6. The Force Awakens – 1.612
7. A New Hope – 1.602
8. The Empire Strikes Back – 1.517
9. Rogue One – 1.405

While his results found that The Last Jedi really is the most divisive in the film’s history, TheNeptunianSloth did want to emphasize the importance of remembering that some fans might have been more vocal with their feelings if they had a negative reaction to the movie.

Do you agree with this Reddit user’s findings? Let us know! 

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