These fan maps tell you what music your state loves most

August 8, 2017
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We all know what kind of music we like to listen to. However, the lovely folks over at The New York Times have made a map that shows the top artists on YouTube—and what parts of the country they're most popular.

With data from Panic! At The Disco, Twenty One Pilots, Linkin Park, Metallica and more, here’s where people are listening to your favorite bands!

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To collect the data, The New York Times explains that they looked at the artists on the Billboard Top 100 this spring, and from that data, found the 50 bands and artists that were most watched on YouTube in the U.S. between January 2016 and April 2017.

From there, each map shows where artists are most popular.

Twenty One Pilots:

twenty one pilots listening map

[Photos by: The New York Times]

Not only did they rank No. 3 on the list (!!!), but they’re most popular on the West coast, despite their Ohio start.

Panic! At The Disco:

panic at the disco listening map

The band was founded in Vegas, so it only makes sense that they’re most watched in the area considering their hometown roots.

Imagine Dragons:

imagine dragons listening map

Honestly, Imagine Dragons’ map isn’t too much different than the previous two—the West coast likes their rock.

Linkin Park:

linkin park listening map

Spanning genre lines, the band finds its popularity on the West coast and, perhaps more surprising, they have a big listening population in Alaska. Who knew?


metallica listening map

Metallica switches it up a bit, with popularity in the Southern states—particularly Texas.

How do these maps match up to your listening patterns? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Maggie Dickman