[Photo by: Fueled By Ramen/YouTube]

Here at the AP office, we tend to have Panic! At The Disco blaring through our speakers all day, every day. (As do most people, right?) So it comes as no surprise to us that Ohio’s most watched YouTube channel is Fueled By Ramen’s VEVO channel. (Likely most of those plays come from us—no shame at all.)

And it turns out we’re not the only Fueled By Ramen lovers.

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AT&T published a study about the wonderful world of YouTube, revealing which channels are most popular in each state. It comes as really no surprise that music VEVO channels are some of the most popular, with 20 states total showing their love for artists ranging from Taylor Swift to Pitbull.

They cite a 2016 U.S. music year-end Nielsen report that says music downloads are down from 2015 by 25%, and video streaming is up 7.5%—meaning that users are streaming music on YouTube now more than ever.

Not to mention, Fueled By Ramen—home to bands including Paramore, Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco, All Time Low, ONE OK ROCK and more—is most popular in a number of states: Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio and Missouri, to be exact.

And while we’d like to take responsibility for making FBR No. 1 in Ohio, we have to believe that it’s TOP taking claim of their home state—and we’re totally okay with that.

See which YouTube channel is most popular in your state via the map below!

att youtube map-popular by state
[Photo by: AT&T]

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