Mötley Crüe
[Photo by Bjornsphoto/Wikimedia Commons]

Drivers use all kinds of excuses to try to get out of speeding tickets, but one Mötley Crüe fan blamed one of the band’s hardcore hits for their need for speed.

The Mötley Crüe track “Kickstart My Heart” obviously gets people hyped up. Mick Mars even mimics the sound of shifting gears on the track. One Canadian driver thought that was an excuse to disobey the law, and had to pay the price for getting a little too caught up in the song.

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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Manitoba posted about the unusual traffic stop on their Facebook page. They shared an image of a radar on a squad car that read the driver was going 145 kilometers an hour, nearly 90 miles per hour.

“This driver’s excuse for going 145kmh? Kickstart my Heart by Mötley Crüe was on the radio,” the post reads.

The police officer knew the driver wasn’t lying because he was also apparently listening to the song at the same time.

“Funny enough, our officer knew he was telling the truth, since he was also listening to it – just at a much slower & safer speed. Fined $639,” the post continues.

The fine, in Canadian dollars, is equivalent to more than $480 U.S. dollars.

The Royal Canadian Police continued to poke fun at the driver by using a hashtag with lyrics from the song “Always got the cops coming after me.” The driver probably wasn’t pleased with their ticket, but they have to appreciate the officers’ sense of humor.

Even though the driver still got fined, we can appreciate their genuine excuse because the Dr. Feelgood track really does go hard. Hopefully they learned their excuse that they can still jam out in the car and drive at a more reasonable speed.

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