[Photos by: Moose Blood/Megan Thompson, Hundredth/Jesus Martinez, Movements/Kurt Cuffy]

Movements have dropped off Moose Blood's upcoming tour after fans expressed concerns over allegations made against Moose Blood last fall. 

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Last month, Movements announced that they would be supporting Moose Blood on their upcoming Australian headliner, stirring up mixed emotions among fans.

Movements were quick to address the issue, assuring fans they were taking the necessary steps to look into the matter after being made aware of the severity of the allegations against the band.

The band later took to Twitter to release a statement:

And earlier this week, Hundredth announced that they will be joining Moose Blood as support.

Moose Blood released a statement earlier this year regarding allegations against vocalist Eddy Brewerton that emerged last fall, claiming Brewerton stole nudes off a woman's phone and sent them to the band's WhatsApp group.

Moose Blood said the allegations are “entirely false and we strongly refute it.”

Last year, the band parted ways with their drummer, Glenn Harvey, following sexual harassment allegations that surfaced online.​