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VMAs reveals awards show host who knows nothing about music

Cardi B: “What is that—a spice or a supplement?”

June 26, 2019
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The MTV Movie & TV Awards just wrapped last week, and the network is already gearing up for their next big event, the Video Music Awards.

The VMAs unveiled who will be hosting the evening’s festivities, but it probably didn’t get the exact reaction they were hoping for.

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Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco headed to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night where he exclusively announced his new gig.

“I am so excited [and] I know that you did it,” Maniscalco tells Fallon, referring to his 2002 stint as VMAs host. “It’s huge, but again, my family’s negative, so [my dad] calls me, and he goes, ‘You don’t know nothing about music—today’s music.’ I didn’t really grow up with pop culture music, but I think this is going to be fun because MTV wants an unfiltered look of the VMAs through my eyes.”

Maniscalco played up his apparent lack of music knowledge in the first VMAs promo where his partner asks him, “Do they know you know nothing about music?”

The comedian goes on to say he “grew up on MTV,” listing off Madonna, Prince and Wham! as some of what he knows. He then goes on chat with his Alexa-like assistant who questions if MTV made a mistake.

The assistant quizzes him, asking if he knows Cardi B. “What is that—a spice or a supplement? He also reveals he doesn’t know Billie Eilish and pokes fun at Lil Nax X’s “Old Town Road.”

Maniscalco goes on to poke fun at the fact that once the announcement drops, “3 million teenagers are going to search, ‘Who the hell is Sebastian Maniscalco?’” And he wasn’t wrong. Many users took to Twitter to reveal they 1) didn’t know who he is and 2) were displeased MTV chose him.

MTV released an article, explaining, “It’s no mistake.” They go on to state he joins a long list of comedian VMAs host including Fallon, hris Rock, Chelsea Handler, Arsenio Hall, Russell Brand, and Kevin Hart.

Maniscalco has four Comedy Central stand-up specials and most recently a Netflix special, Stay Hungry. You can see a trailer for the latter below.

More on the VMAs

The 36th annual VMAs is going to air live for the first time ever. It’s also heading into new territory by moving from its usual New York City and Los Angeles locations.

The show will hit New Jersey’s Prudential Center, making it the first time it’s headed to New Jersey. The only other years the VMAs headed somewhere new were Miami in 2004 and 2005, and Las Vegas in 2007.

Nominees are still pending, but the VMAs will air Aug. 26 at 9 p.m. EST. More information on the VMAs is available here.

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Written by Rachel Campbell