slipknot x mushroomhead

Mushroomhead and Slipknot are two bands in the scene that have seemingly been compared to one another on a few separate occasions throughout their long careers.

While they’ve been compared on more than one occasion, it appears that Mushroomhead’s former vocalist has some thoughts on the matter of which group came first and vice versa.

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In a new interview with the ADHD Podcast, Mushroomhead’s former vocalist Jeffery Nothing, sat with the podcast to discuss a variety of topics, including an interesting snippet about Slipknot.

According to Nothing, he chimed in on what band was doing it first, and he also shared that he believes that Slipknot was “made,” saying (transcription via the PRP):

“Monte Conner from Roadrunner had a guy shopping us. And at the time we were making more at local shows than they were offering us in advance and they wanted all of our merch; which was like selling crazy already, and the money just didn’t make any sense.

And he basically made his own [version of Mushroomhead] when we said no. And what’s really funny is that I have a friend that would end up backstage at all these festivals, he became friends with Corey [Taylor] and Corey said, to quote him, ‘Was I supposed to turn down a million dollars?’ So that’s what that was.”

So it appears that Nothing is claiming that an old Roadrunner representative used Mushroomhead as inspiration for what Slipknot would later become.

He later added:

“As far as what I know, I believe Shawn [Crahan] and Joey [Joridson] were the only ones from Des Moines. They had Anders [Anders Colsefni] – I forget what his last name is – he was the singer. And they wanted somebody more commercial so they got Corey  [Taylor]. I just heard a lot of stories. It’s like… Linkin Park was Hybrid Theory with the other guy rapping and until they brought in Chester [Bennington] they didn’t do anything, but they were made. They were made and some people even thought that it was from our model.”

We’re not entirely sure what to make of these claims, especially knowing just how huge Slipknot would come to be (and still are) in the scene.

You can listen to the podcast in full below (the Slipknot part comes in around 42 minutes):

In other Slipknot-related news…

Slipknot recently released their first song in four years titled  “All Out Life,” the group’s first piece of new music since their 2014 album,  .5: The Gray Chapter.

Of the new song, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor shared:

“Everybody talks about toxic masculinity and toxic fandom these days. For me, it’s more about this toxic idea that unless something came out 10 minutes ago, it’s not any good, and that bothers me. … I love new music, but at the same time, don’t turn your back on the music that’s been.”

In a new interview with Metal Hammer, Taylor has shared some new information on the new songs, saying:

“The way we’ve been describing it is, ‘What if the guys who made Iowa matured? What if the kids who made Iowa grew up?’,” he says. “That’s kind of the way we’re looking at it because some of this shit is so heavy—but there’s melody, there’s really cool melancholic melody going on.”

He continued by saying:

“At a time when most bands are slowing down, I think we’ve written our heaviest song—one of them anyway—on this new album,” he continues. “It’s going to be f*cking crazy. People are going to sh*t their pants when they hear it.”

It was also reported that Slipknot are currently working on their upcoming release, and they already have around 20 demoed songs. Plus, the band has also teased a summer 2019 release date (!!)

It appears that 2019 is going to be a big year for the band, and we can’t wait.