Musician Rescue is taking submissions for unsigned bands to get help with recording, booking shows and more.

It isn’t easy to make it as a musician, and there definitely isn’t a guidebook to tell artists the right and wrong way to do things. One record label president is attempting to change that with the launch of a new TV show, Musician Rescue.

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Outerloop Records president Shan Dan Horan and Emmy Award-winning producer Alan Sacks are teaming up to help give a band a complete makeover in the new show. The bands will receive advice from Horan, as well as receive opportunities to record with Grammy award-winning producers, film high-end music videos, play at sold-out shows and more. Horan will do whatever it takes to open up new doors for bands in need.

The concept for Musician Rescue began with Horan giving musicians advice and having tons of requests from bands asking for help.

“I’ve been very fortunate working for so many excellent record labels, and I’ve always felt truly honored to work for some of the biggest artists out there,” Horan says. “However for me, I always enjoyed working with unsigned bands. They always had this raw talent and honestly just needed a foot in the door.” The network and premiere date has yet to be announced for the show, as the creators are tracking down bands to be featured in Season 1. Any unsigned band of any genre can send in a submission to be featured on the show here.

You can check out the teaser for the show below.