Pete Wentz isn’t the only musician reacting to Charlottesville events

August 12, 2017
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[photo via Twitter]

Pete Wentz is just one of many in our scene speaking out about the alt-right violence and protests taking place in Charlottesville. See what Wentz and other musicians have to say about the violence unfolding on Virginia's campus.

You can watch the video below to catch up on everything unfolding in Charlottesville.

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According to CNN, a state of emergency has been issued by Virginia's governor after the 'Unite the Right' rally was declared unlawful, causing erruptions of violence between torch-bearing demonstrators and counter-protesters. 


Pete Wentz took to Twitter to express his thoughts in a handful of tweets.


Mark Hoppus was very clear in his stance on the matter.


Many others took to social media to express their concerns and hatred of the violence unfolding in Virginia.

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Written by AltPress