[Photo by: March For Our Lives]

The Stoneman Douglas High School shooting shook the nation as one of the deadliest school shootings in history. It also became a pivotal turning point in gun control and the need for change. March For Our Lives became a massive demonstration lead by Parkland survivors in Washington, D.C. in collaboration with Everytown for Gun Safety. Over 800 similar marches took place across the country while those who could not attend shared their support online.

From All Time Low's Alex Gaskarth to Paramore's Hayley Williams, musicians spoke out on behalf of the students demonstrating the need for change in our country. 

Senses Fail

Hayley Williams


Fall Out Boy

Stick To Your Guns

Lynn Gunn

Sebastian Danzig

Colin Frangicetto


Joan Jett

Alex Gaskarth

Stephen Gomez

Mark Hoppus

 Jared Leto


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