On March 13, Underoath performed their first show in nearly three years. For original drummer Aaron Gillespie, it was his first time on stage with the band in seven years.

Over the weekend, UO performed at both Self-Help and So What?! festivals alongside numerous other acts, including A Day To Remember, Saosin and the Devil Wears Prada.

Video: Reinventing their exit: Watch Underoath reunite, bring the house down

Various musicians throughout the scene have shared their approval of Underoath’s triumphant return. Head below to see what members of your favorite bands had to say.

Gillespie has been nominated for Best Drummer at this year APMAs. Cast your vote now!

The Beartooth dudes tell it like it is:

The Word Alive's Luke Holland and I See Stars' Devin Oliver were taken back to better times:

Telle Smith was STOKED:

Silent Planet got down just like the rest of us:

Just crowdsurfed to “Dangerous Business…”Childhood dreams happening tonight. Thank you So What Music Festival and Underoath and everyone who sang with us today.

Posted by Silent Planet on Sunday, March 20, 2016

'68 opened Underoath's second show back:

The Devil Wears Prada drummer Daniel Williams loves Underoath just as much as we do:

Seeing Underoath return to the stage was an important moment for Stray From The Path:

Sky of Issues checked them out at Self-Help: