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In the wake of today's stage collapse at the Belgium music festival Pukkelpop, musicians have taken to Twitter to express their condolences and thoughts about the tragedy. A list of responses can be found below–but feel free to add others in the comments.

@PanicAtTheDisco Everyone at pukkelpop, first of all, we hope you are safe. We will play if they let us, but it's not our call. We'll keep U posted –Spencer

@riseagainst Rise Against band and crew are all ok. Thanks for your thoughts

@riseagainst Our hearts go out to the families and friends of the victims here at #Pukkelpop. A very sad day

@benjybenjy Want everyone to know that Wiz and the rest of our crew are ok. Stage next to Wiz's at Pukkelpop Festival collapsed as Wiz was performing.

@SmithWesterns Stage collapsed max almost got crushed by the tress. I hope pukkelpop has insurance bc all our shit is broke

@SmithWesterns Apologize to anyone who mistook tweet. Wrote direclty after running off stage. Just found out the extent of damage. All of prays go out (1/2) to those hurt. (2/2)

@fleetfoxes We are all safe at Pukkelpop. Crazy storm. This is awful. Hearts go out to all.

@fleetfoxes Our hearts go out to all who lost their lives or were injured in today's storm at Pukkelpop. This is not how it should be. Oof.

@SBTRKT sad news re pukkelpop. out to everyone whos there. stay safe! :/

@theantlers so the stage we're supposed to play tomorrow at Pukkelpop collapsed and people were killed. our hearts go out to everyone there.

@BloodyBeetroots just got a phone call from my manager about Pukkelpop . Im truly sorry for what is happening , my heart is there with you guys. SBCR

@gallowsofficial Shocked and saddened to hear about what's happened at Pukkelpop festival today.

@benjaminmadden Sad day here at Pukkelpop. One of our favorite festival to play. Sad this happened today. Hearts are with the victims here today.

@travisbarker Really sad bout Pukkelpop. Another stage collapses 2 dead & tons of people hurt. My heart goes out. Not supposed 2 happen at shows #sosad

@themaine Our thoughts go out to everyone at Pukkelpop

@BRMCofficial Our hearts go out to everyone at Pukkelpop – the fans, bands, and crews.

@samarchitects My thoughts are with everyone at pukkelpop!please try and stay safe

@MayerHawthorne And now I am saddened by the tragic news of a fatal stage collapse at Pukkelpop festival today. I am not yet sure if we will perform tmrw.

@YourDemise To our Fans and Friends at Pukkelpop, we hope you are all safe x

@jacobplantmusic just go caught in the tornado in “pukkelpop”!! 2 tents came down i was in one just managed to get out!!! It's mad out here!

@ENTERSHAKIRI sad news from Pukkelpop. hope any of our friends who were there are staying safe.

@localnatives Our hearts go out to all those over at Pukkelpop and to the families of the people lost. Tragic day for such a wonderful festival.

@Architectsuk Our thoughts are with everyone at Pukkelpop festival. Such an awful thing to happen.

@TheRealIngrosso Pukkelpop so sad my heart goes out to all the victims.

Via Fitz & The Tantrums' Facebook page:
It has just come to our attention about the tragic events that took place at Pukkelpop after we lft the festival 2day. Our condolences To the Families of the victims of this happening, and our prayers to people that were injured. We found out shortly after our thank you message had been posted. Our sincerest apologies to our supporters that We may have caused offense to. We are on the road and often information gets passed on later than we would like. We are all deeply effected by the news.

@crystalfighters our thoughts with everyone at Pukkelpop..

@Skrillex All my friends, @the_roadhog and I are okay… But my heart goes to the lives lost today at Pukkelpop.

@MilesKaneMusic Stay safe people at #pukkelpop

@Veara Hey! We are SAFE! Theyre some injured today at Pukkelpop by the storm and we will keep our thoughts with them.

@EAJosh Hope everyone at Pukkelpop is okay. Crazy stuff. Damn.

@youngfuego these insane tragedies at huge festivals is SO scary for both musicians & attendees alike, its so hard to make mobile stages/tents 100% safe

@xcadaverx ANOTHER STAGE COLLAPSE?! Oh no :((

@travishead 2011…The year of the stage collapse.

@Chromeo We're alright, thank goodness and thank you for asking. Devastating day, our thoughts to everyone. #pukkelpop