MxPx crowdfunded their soon to be released 10th full-length record, and—as is to be expected with anything on the internet—people had opinions.

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They’re called everything from sellouts to Walmart Fall Out Boy, but the band take it all in stride as they read and react to the comments. Despite the negative feedback from some, the band managed to raise more than $240,000 to fund the recording and marketing of their new album (their first in six years!). In fact, they reached their $50,000 goal within hours. It’s safe to say love has prevailed here. 

The Kickstarter campaign ends today, but if you’d still like to contribute and check out what you receive at various pledge amounts, you can check it out here.

MxPx vocalist and bassist Mike Herrera also shared a message about the campaign and the band’s career with AP. Check it (and the hilarious video) out below: 

“We’ve been a band for 26 years now, and we’ve been through it all.  Bad labels, bad managers, good labels, good managers, marriages, divorces, bad contracts, questionable hairstyles, terrible decisions, actual fistfights, Super Bowl commercials—you name it…. we’ve faced it.  And somehow we are still here!!!  Tom, Yuri and I made a record we are proud of, and we can’t wait to share it with everyone.  I know I got something good when Tom Wisniewski is excited about new songs! We decided to crowdfund it, and I can’t thank everyone enough for the support.  We hit our goal in a matter of hours, and now we are over $200k to self-release this thing and market it around the world. It’s an entirely new chapter of MxPx and I’m so ready for it.  Everything we earn from here on out helps us get the word out in near and far away countries… helps us not worry so much about the bottom line. I encourage newer bands to look into these things as the industry is changing. Don’t be afraid of crowdfunding. The game doesn’t work for artists the way we want it to, so make your own game.  Our Kickstarter ends Friday May 4th and 10pm PST, then we take off to Jakarta, Indonesia to headline a festival… and when we get back home… we will announce a release date and a few new tourdates for everyone. I can’t wait. Thank you!!  

“Oh yeah, let’s not forget, we decided to share some of the comments people made about Kickstarter. I love it. Thanks for hating. Thanks for loving.  MxPx isn’t going anywhere!!!!”