My Chemical Romance
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My Chemical Romance left a slew of songs behind that any artist from any genre could cover. The trick to stardom is doing it well. And Australian pop-punker Alex Lahey accomplishes this task.

Alex Lahey and her band recorded a cover of My Chemical Romance’s “Welcome To The Black Parade” for the Australian radio station Triple J’s recurring Like A Version segment.

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My Chemical Romance covers come and go but we hope this one is here to stay. Check out the full video below.

The band obviously gives it all the grandiose rock and roll enthusiasm it deserves and we couldn’t be happier. They even switched it up a bit by adding a little barbershop “shoo-bop” in the bridge.

Alex Lahey is making waves in the pop-punk scene with her sardonic, catchy hooks and outspoken charisma. Lahey released her sophomore album The Best Of Luck Club in May of 2019. This album is a more mature and sonically diverse followup to her poppier first album I Love You Like A Brother. Check her out if you like Best Coast.

Alex Lahey is spending most of Late October and November touring Australia. Information, tickets and merchandise can all be purchased here.

More My Chemical Romance

Save Face is helping the My Chemical Romance following stay alive. They just released a cover of “Teenagers.”

The cover comes off a split with Graduating Life and while My Chemical Romance covers are perhaps overly plentiful, Save Face definitely does the song justice.

“The Black Parade is one of my all-time favorite albums. I was bouncing cover ideas off of friends when Sam (from Just Friends) suggested I try Teenagers,” Vocalist Tyler Povanda explains. “I did a lil demo and just went with it! Out of all the songs on that record, this one definitely made the most sense and felt right.”

The cover can be heard below.

What’s your favorite My Chemical Romance cover? Did Alex Lahey do it justice? Let us know below!

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