Although it took legendary shoegazers My Bloody Valentine an astonishing 22 years to follow up their 1991 classic Loveless with 2013's m b v, it looks like the wait won't be quite as long for their forthcoming full-length.

Colm Ó Cíosóig, My Bloody Valentine's drummer (and occasional songwriter), has confirmed a probable spring 2018 release for the band's fourth album.

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When we last checked in with the ear-splitting Irish rockers, it was revealed that guitarist and MBV mastermind Kevin Shields was “working on material for a new My Bloody Valentine album to be released in 2018.” The unexpected info came from the musician's bio on the Norður Og Niður website, ahead of Shield's solo performance at the inaugural Sigur Rós-curated musical festival in Reykjavík, Iceland. (Norður Og Niður is scheduled for Dec. 27-30.)

Now, MBV drummer Ó Cíosóig corroborates the new album news and mirrors Shield's previous disclosure. As noted by Consequence Of Sound, the percussionist and current Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions member tells 90.9 WBUR that new a My Bloody Valentine LP should be out in 2018.

The founding MBV-er affirmed “rumors of a My Bloody Valentine album next spring” during the radio interview promoting his current tour with Sandoval. “I've been working on that [album] preceding this tour,” Ó Cíosóig says, “and I'm going to go back and work on that once the tour is done.”

“It's in the making.”

To here knows when?

My Bloody Valentine – “Sometimes”

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