[Photo by: My Chemical Romance/YouTube, DeviantArt]

The Black Parade on the Great White Way?

Vice Media went a bit cray for World Goth Day and “satirically imagined” a My Chemical Romance musical on Broadway, the piece published by the company's contemporary art and fashion arm, Garage magazine. Can you imagine it?

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“The music of Carole King, ABBA, and Green Day have inspired hit Broadway musicals,” writes assistant Garage editor Erin Schwartz. “We satirically imagined what would happen if one emo band from Newark, NJ got its turn.”

An MCR musical in the vein of the American Idiot sounds amazing, of course. And that title! The imaginative write-up of the fictitious show calls the My Chem musical, Don’t Cry, My Love! Life is a March Toward the Grave and the Worms Will Make a Feast of Us All. Don't get more emo than that.

Perhaps the most thrilling part of the article, however, offers a paradoxical mirror of Gerard Way's various hairstyles throughout MCR's existence, delivered by the show's mythical (we think?) lead actor, Garett Pip-Lemler.

“The most difficult part, for me, was the hair,” says the make-believe thespian. “In Act 2, my character—who is named Gerard Way, but I see as an interpretation rather than a biographical representation—changes his hair from a black, long, and stringy style to a short, bleach-blonde cut, and it really just blindsides the audience.

“What is his motivation in that moment? The old hairstyle was fine.”

We're fully on board for this My Chemical Romance musical, ficticious or not. Of course it's probably nothing but a fanciful dream, but kudos to Schwartz and Garage for such an entertaining piece, anyway. We'll carry on.

Read the full article over at Garage.

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