After getting a nod from Matt Skiba for a menu inspired by Alkaline Trio, Vinnie's Pizzeria in New York now has My Chemical Romance-themed pizza. Check out the options below, and let us know which you think is the best one because we're having a hard time deciding.

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Frank Iero, who's been recently caught taking pictures of people wearing MCR merch in public, posted a photo of the menu on Instagram and captioned it “all the days to not be in brooklyn… damn.” Honestly, same.

The pie options include the vegetarian “I'm Knot Doughk!” (ricotta cheese, garlic, zesty tomato sauce and fresh basil), the vegan “My Chemikale Romance” (fresh kale, vegan bacon, tomato, vegan cheddar and mozzarella cheese) and “Three Cheese for Meat Revenge,” a pizza for meat lovers (meatball, mariana sauce, ricotta, provolone and mozzarella cheese).

We dare say these pizzas sound almost as good as a My Chemical Romance reunion.


of all the days to not be in brooklyn… damn.

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