My Fictions have announced details for their upcoming full-length, Stranger Songs. The album is slated to be released on July 1 via Topshelf Records. The band made a statement about the upcoming record on Tumblr recently regarding the writing process.

“This album has been in the works for a minute – we started writing this stuff at the end of 2012. We finished writing it at the beginning of 2014. Most everything we did with this record, we did in-house. We tried to make the album as insular as possible, so what you’re getting on this record is just us.”

In addition, the tracklisting and album artwork can be seen below.

Stranger Songs tracklisting

1. Mt. Misery
2. Postcard
3. Lower (a selfish song)
4. Airport Song
5. Concern
6. Wake Anxious
7. Stubborn
8. Parking Lot
9. Contrition
10. Stranger