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This viral tweet has people reminiscing about their Myspace days

Myspace founder Tom Anderson is getting some attention this week.

July 14, 2020
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Myspace is back in the social media spotlight this week. On Monday, a viral tweet comparing Myspace founder Tom Anderson to other social media moguls such as Facebook‘s Mark Zuckerberg began to circulate.

After Anderson acknowledged the tweet, many Twitter users are now reminiscing about the good old days they spent on Myspace.

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At the start of July, Myspace returned to the social media spotlight after a searchable music database launched. The database features half a million of the near 50 million songs that were accidentally deleted back in 2018. Songs from Never Shout NeverPanic! At The DiscoParamoreMy Chemical RomanceBring Me The Horizon and blink-182 are among the files that were deleted. They can now be found and streamed on the new searchable database.

Now, Myspace is in the spotlight again for a completely different reason. Twitter user @JackDMurphy shared a tweet about the platform’s founder on Monday. In the tweet, he compares Anderson to the other social media moguls we see today.

“Remember Tom? Remember how he just sold his $500m share in Myspace and retired so he could have a nice life? He never sold our data, never tried to influence elections, never lobbied against privacy legislations… what a man. Myspace was just too pure for this world,” the tweet says.

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So far, the tweet has been liked over 200,000 times and retweeted over 40,000 times. On Tuesday, Anderson himself caught wind of the tweet circulating. He acknowledged it with a few loving emojis.

Anderson sold Myspace for a reported $580 million dollars in 2005. Since then, he has been relatively quiet online. Apart from his replies to a few tweets, Anderson hasn’t tweeted since 2017. From the looks of his Instagram, Anderson has spent his time traveling and taking some amazing photographs. However, his last post on the photo-sharing platform was back in 2019.

The viral tweet praising Anderson has led to many people tweeting about their days on Myspace. From discovering their favorite bands to learning how to use HTML and eventually forging a career in coding, users are revealing the impact Myspace has had on them.

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What are some of your favorite memories from Myspace? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Rachael Dowd