[Photo credit: @lil_chlo/Twitter]

Neck Deep's Nottingham Rock City show has been canceled after security became rough with the band and their fans, causing Neck Deep to walk offstage two songs into their headlining set.

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According to reports from those at the show, security became very heavy-handed with crowdsurfers and fans along the barricade. Neck Deep were quick to step in and defend their fans, causing security to then get involved with the band and their crew. 

Several videos of security getting rough with fans have surfaced from the show. The band and crew intervene, including bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans, who can be seen in the white shirt, as well as photographer Elliot Ingham, who were both present during the incident.

Frontman Ben Barlow came out to explain the situation to the crowd, stating: “Security fucked it. There was a fight. Show's over.”

Barlow also came out afterward to apologize to a group of fans, while others gathered around the buses outside waiting for the band to leave the venue.

Neck Deep are currently in the middle of their UK tour run with As It Is, Real Friends and Woes. They have yet to release a statement.