The history of Neck Deep you haven’t heard — until now

August 16, 2017
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[Photo by: Elliott Ingham]

Nobody thought the next brightest hopes of pop punk would be coming out of Wrexham, U.K. On top of that, nobody thought NECK DEEP were going to be the band to spread the gospel. It hasn’t always been the smoothest ride, though. Our newest cover stars open up about their climb, their struggles and their haters in their most in-depth story to date. We even have and exclusive track-by-track where Ben Barlow takes us through every song on The Peace And The Panic.

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Neck Deep Issue 351 AP cover

GALLERY: Go behind the scenes of Neck Deep's AP cover photoshoot!

Neck Deep gallery embed photo

SLEEPING WITH SIRENS are still making music they are passionate about, even if it sounds a little different this time around. We talked to Kellin Quinn about how the band are going big with a major-label deal, a new producer and a new way of doing things.

Plus: PALAYE ROYALE’s Remington Leith talks us through his tattoos, Windy City homeboys SLEEP ON IT show us their favorite spots in Chicago and we take a look at some awesome bands on the rise including WAGE WARDEDTHE WRECKS and FREE THROW.

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