Ben Barlow's tweets on International Women's Day (March 8) garnered some controversy.

Now, the Neck Deep frontman has responded.

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On March 8, in a deleted tweet, Barlow said: “Happy international women's day! Shout out to the feminists who don't just hate men. Treat yoself!”

He later went on to say: “Everyone calm down. I was wishing everyone a happy women's day. Was making the point that REAL feminism is a good thing. Is that okay or?” And: “If you're triggered then have fun dealing with all that unnecessary anger! For the rational people, seriously, happy Women's day.”

Both of those tweets have been deleted as well. The tweets that remain from March 8 are:

About a day later, Barlow responded to the controversy, saying: “Apologies if I came off like an ass yesterday.”