Netflix launches new feature to make binge watching even easier.

A new Netflix feature just made binge-watching your favorite shows even more tempting.

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Netflix launched a Smart Downloads feature today for Android users that will download series so a user can watch shows offline.

When the user is done watching an episode of a particular show, the app will delete it automatically and download the following episode if the device is connected to Wifi. The feature will not use cellular data automatically to download shows.

Smart Downloads will help users avoid the problem of reaching maximum capacity of downloads Netflix allows.

Smart Downloads is available for shows that a user can currently download on Netflix. It’s not available for movies, as the device can’t predict what movie a user would want to watch next.

Netflix says that iOS users will get access to Smart Downloads “later this year,” according to Buzzfeed. The feature can also be turned off if the user doesn’t want to use it, and is included in the Netflix app.

The new feature will take out the hassle of manually downloading episodes and deleting them to free up space later.

Now, if you’re taking a long trip or going somewhere with no internet connection, you can download episodes ahead of time and binge watch all of your favorite shows, such as Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why, right on your phone or tablet.

Netflix is a powerhouse that seems like it won’t be stopped anytime soon. In fact, it was recently reported that the streaming service is the most popular platform for watching entertainment on TV. The streaming service not only beat out its direct competitors such as Hulu and YouTube, but cable and broadcast TV as well.

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