It's seemed like for the longest time, TV episodes were either thirty minutes or an hour long, but that standard format might change due to Netflix's rising popularity.

Check out what Netflix's Vice President of Product Innovation, Todd Yellin, had to say about the future of TV with the Times.

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As Netflix originals such as Stranger Things, Orange Is the New Black and GLOW continue to become more and more successful, it'll allow the creators of these shows to take risks with formats that in the past seemed standard for television.

We're not talking about camera angles here, we're talking about things as standard as episode length and even credit scenes.

“Some will be 17 minutes long, some will be an hour and nine minutes long,” Yellin told the Times when discussing future episode lengths. Yellin made many comparisons to novels throughout the interview which it appears where the idea of binge-watching came from.

Before binge-watching was even a thing, TV fans had to wait week by week to find out what happened on their favorite shows. If you liked several different shows, then you had to have several different plots running ni your head which Yellin says “the human brain isn't made for.”

“No one keeps 20 books piled up on their night table, jumping chapter to chapter. That’s absurd.”

The Times also points out that credits might be a thing of the past, as The OA only feautres one credits scene throughout eight episodes.

How do you feel about these possible changes? Would you be okay with an episode that was only nine minutes long? Let us know in the comments!