[Photo by: Netflix]

A new study has suggested that 80 percent of Netflix users don’t watch the streaming service’s original content.

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Statistics from a new study by 7Park claim that most subscribers ignore Netflix's original content, preferring to binge licensed shows such as The Office and Breaking Bad.

Despite creating massive critically acclaimed shows such as Stranger Things, Black Mirror and Orange Is The New Black, Netflix's popular hits haven’t done much to impact percentage of original content watched. In the week following Stranger Things’ debut, original content made up only 35 percent of total streamed content.

Netflix reported strong growth in users late last year, growing domestically by 850K subscribers and internationally by 4.45 million subscribers. Though spending billions each year on original content, Netflix CFO David Wells stated that the “base force that really is the strongest force is the continued adoption of internet TV and entertainment and that tends to drive the lion share of our net additions.”

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