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Ever wondered if what you decide to binge on Netflix is based on the… font? Well, a new study by Venngage looked into the psychology behind font design, and they believe style can help influence a person's viewing choices.

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Venngage used title fonts of the top 50 Netflix series to create categories to exhibit their findings. They explain that similar to how colors have associations, fonts have unique characteristics, too.

They reference a study from 2006 that looked at the “personality” of fonts and found that more basic fonts—such as Arial or Courier New—were considered “stable” and “mature,” while more “youthful” and “casual” fonts—such as Kirsten and Comic Sans—were considered “happy” and “cuddly.”

Then, they picked Netflix's 50 most popular TV shows and categorized the fonts based on their font types, such as “decorative,” handwritten,” “headline,” “modern” and more. They then categorize each font type by characteristics typically associated with said font style, just to see if it'll affect a viewer's perception of the show.

Here's what they discovered:

“Serif fonts are often perceived as traditional and respectable”

The Crown

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“Sans Serif fonts can be subtle, or they can be bold and attention-grabbing”

Black Mirror

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“Shows with Headline fonts in their posters tended to be dramas (or dramedies)”

Fuller House

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“Decorative fonts used tended to be custom fonts designed specifically for the TV show”


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“Modern fonts tended to be shows about modern life, innovation or crime”


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“Handwritten fonts… were for quirky, offbeat shows that aim at being relatable to the audience”


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And these descriptors are so fitting. See their full chart on font psychology below!

Netflix Font Psychology

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Do you think font choice has influenced your viewing patterns?

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