Let's be real: Everyone has binged a Netflix series. (Or eight.)

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Netflix found the cheekiest time of year to remind people about their first time…bingeing. And since most people can't probably remember exactly what their first binge was (ours might have been The Office…for the fourth time), Netflix are making it easy for folks to find out exactly what their first time was.

(In case you were wondering, bingeing is defined as completing at least one season of a show within seven days of starting, and they report that more than 90 percent of Netflix members who have been a member for at least one year have completed a binge.)

Breaking Bad happens to be the most popular first binge, followed by Orange Is The New Black, Narcos, House Of Cards and Prison Break.

To find your own binge history? Simply go to your account page, select “Viewing activity” and then scroll until you hit the first show you ever watched…Let the fun begin.

See some additional bingeing statistics below!

Netflix First Binge Statistics
[Photo by: Netflix]

Top 10 “First Binges” Globally on Netflix:

Breaking Bad
Orange Is The New Black
The Walking Dead
Stranger Things
House Of Cards
Prison Break
13 Reasons Why
Grey’s Anatomy
American Horror Story

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