Check out Never Shout Never’s new, whimsical, one shot “Red Balloon” music video, a track from their latest release Black Cat.

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Never Shout Never also stopped by our offices yesterday to perform live in the APTV studio. You can watch them strip down “Red Balloon” below.

“‘Red Balloon’ was a cool song to write. It tells a story of self-realization and finally seeing the bigger picture after some tribulation. I’ve always been a fan of personifying inanimate objects. It was difficult deciding what kind of video would do the song justice. We went through a few video ideas before we came to this one. I enjoy this version because of the simplicity. One shot videos have always been my favorite type, along with animated,” frontman Christofer Drew says in a interview about “Red Balloon” with Artist Direct. “We shot this down in Austin, Texas on a day off from the tour we’re on. It only took a few hours to get it right. One shot vids are always an adventure because you have to get it right all in one take. Luckily this one was relatively easy. Although, we did have to play to the song sped up to twice the speed so that was a little tricky. It gave it a cool slow-mo vibe. All in all, I think the video turned out really chill. I’m excited to experiment with more one shot videos in the future. I’d like to get more creative and psychedelic with it.  This s**t is fun. Thanks for listening!”

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Never Shout Never is currently on a headlining tour with Metro Station, Jule Vera and Waterparks.