Never Shout Never will be returning later this summer with a new album, Black Cat, which is due out August 7 via Warner Bros. Records. Pre-order the LP now to receive an instant download of the lead single, “Hey! We OK.”

“This is our first fully realized album,” says Christofer Drew. “It felt like we had the training wheels on for a long time. I was a lot more open to ideas from other people than I ever have been which I feel is me hitting a certain maturity level. I had this epiphany that great things come from a lot of great minds coming together, and I was more open this time. I think it's cool how it turned out; it's maybe more pop than we expected but I dig it.”

Feature: Hear 15 seconds of a new Never Shout Never song, “Hey, We OK”

You will be able to catch the band all summer long on the Vans Warped Tour.

Black Cat track listing:

1. Hey! We OK
2. Fone Tag
3. Red Balloon
4. Happy New Year
5. Awkward Conversations (Best Day)
6. Black Cat
7. Peace Song
8. WooHoo
9. BOOM!
10. All Is Love