Never Shout Never have premiered a new single, which is taken from their upcoming Black Cat album, over at Purevolume. The track showcases a slight venture back to the group's pop-covered roots, while still maintaining a keen sense of maturity. Listen below and be sure to leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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“'Red Balloon' tells a story of a balloon that's alone, ashamed and tied down to all of its troubles and worries in the world,” frontman Christofer Drew says. “A storm comes through the town, the storm being harsh reality, and that kinda becomes the catalyst for flying away, getting unhooked from the storm. And when it goes up into the sky it sees everything from up high and realizes that everything's connected and pretty much sees the bigger picture. That song is my favorite, lyrically, because it tells the whole story of awakening.”

Additionally, the boys will have a special appearance at the 2015 AP Music Awards. Purchase your ticket now! It's getting so close!

Black Cat is due out August 7 via Warner Bros. Records. (Pre-orders are on sale now.)