The folks behind Huzza, a service aimed at enabling musicians, are attempting the bridge the growing gap between artist and monetary compensation, (via ToneDeaf). The app is fairly straightforward: You can send any amount of money to a SoundCloud or YouTube artist whenever you choose. “Our mission at Huzza is to empower the new generation of independent musicians who are making world class music from their laptops,” their website reads. “We want to enable the world to support music at the tap of a button.”

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At the end of each month, all of your tips are tallied and your credit card is charged. You will not be charged, however, until an artist has officially joined Huzza. “We will try everything in our power to get your tip to your recipient, and we are confident we will be able to do so,” the service’s founders write. 

“We want to enable the world to support music at the tap of a button. We want to bring fans and artists closer by moving to direct fan-artist discovery, payments and engagement.”

The app is available for free download in Apple’s app store. You can also try it out through Huzza’s official website.

In the long run, do you think this is something that will help artists? Or can you see interest fizzling out?