Later this year, Mattel will be rolling out an incredibly creepy Barbie doll named Hello Barbie just in time for the holiday season. Through the use of Wi-Fi and a microphone, the doll will be able to verbally interact with humans, (via Uproxx). 

Unsurprisingly, one of the toy’s many conversation topics is music. As The New York Times reported, when asked about Taylor Swift, Hello Barbie responded by exclaiming, “She’s one of my super favorites right now!” 

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But it doesn’t stop there: Hello Barbie comes loaded with roughly 200 possible responses towards your favorite artists, including a nod to iconic shoegaze group My Bloody Valentine. “They are so emo,” it subtly offers.

Okay, so Hello Barbie may not be incredibly fluent in her emo/shoegaze history, but perhaps simply being aware that a band such as My Bloody Valentine exists is enough for some. Regardless, kudos to the toy’s scriptwriters on sneaking in one of dream-pop’s finest.