According to KROQ, Blink-182 will be releasing a new track next month.

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KROQ's music director Lisa Worden was treated to eight new Blink-182 tracks from Mark Hoppus yesterday. Hoppus said that the band have 50 songs recorded, and they are currently narrowing them down for the still unnamed album.

“I think any fan of Blink-182 is going to be ecstatic when they hear the music. I really do! It sounds like Blink-182 but it sounds like Blink in 2016. Lyrically it’s clever,” says Worden. “I didn’t know what to expect.”

Worden also mentioned that the songs she heard were mostly Hoppus on vocals with Skiba on harmonies. However, we're still not sure what the 42 other songs have in store.

“The music I heard rocks,” she says. “It sounds like Blink but it’s not anything that we’ve heard before. For fans of the band, they’re going to be super happy with it. It starts with Travis’ unmistakable drumming—it’s just that signature Blink sound—you immediately know who it is.”

“As a fan of the band for the last 20 years, I was so happy with what I heard. It was the band I’ve loved all these years,” she continues. Worden also says that out of the songs she heard, they are mostly rock-leaning, reminiscent of Dude Ranch. She adds that there are humorous lyrics and that there's a ballad. “Mark singing the ballad was amazing. He sounded awesome.”

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Worden also talks about John Feldman's unmistakable influence. “The songs sound really big. And that’s what John does.”

If this is true, and we are in fact graced with a new Blink-182 song in April, it will be the first new music from the band featuring Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba. Yesterday, an industry website listed the new single on a future releases chart, and, since then, rumors have been abound.

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