Mark Hoppus has shared an update on the upcoming Blink-182 record and fans are really happy about it.

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We've know for a while that Blink-182 is back in the studio since both Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker posted teasers on Snapchat on April 21. At the time, Hoppus posted a snap of Barker laying down some beats paired with the caption “New Blink-182 Songs, Day One.”

Now, Hoppus is sharing an update on the record and teasing what fans can expect from the new tracks. According to the bass player, the songs sound like a continuation of 2001's Take Off Your Pants And Jacket.

“Early days still but the newest blink-182 songs sound like they pick up where Take Off Your Pants and Jacket left off,” he wrote on Twitter.

Of course the band just started the recording process, so it's hard to know if these tracks will end up on the final product, but the news already made fans ecstatic.

Someone was so delighted with the news, they created a possible tracklisting—and we approve it:

You can catch us listening to Take Off Your Pants And Jacket over and over again while we anxiously wait for the new songs.

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