New Found Glory will be releasing a reissued version of 2014's Resurrection with Resurrection: Ascension on October 9 through Hopeless Records. The re-release will contain two brand new songs, unreleased acoustic tracks and a new version of Resurrection's “Vicious Love,” this time featuring Paramore's Hayley Williams. Today, the band released a new music video for the Williams-assisted version which you can view below.

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Resurrection: Ascension can be pre-ordered through MerchNow. The reissue's track listing can also be found below.

Track listing:

Side A: 
1. Selfless
2. Resurrection
3. The Worst Person
4. The Enemy
5. Ready and Willing II

Side B: 

1. The Crown
2. One More Round
3. Vicious Love (feat. Hayley Williams)
4. Persistent
5. Stories Of A Different Kind

Side C: 
1. Degenerate
2. Angel
3. Stubborn
4. Living Hell
5. On My Own

Side D: 
1. Ready and Willing (Acoustic)
2. Persistent (Acoustic)
3. Living Hell (Acoustic)
4. Vicious Love
5. Ready and Willing