New iPhone rumors report dual-camera system, confirm no headphone jack

August 9, 2016
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If rumors are correct, the new iPhone could take concert photography and music listening to the next level.

Advertising Age is reporting that the new iPhone, which could be announced as early as next month, features a dual-camera system that improves photos taken in low-light environments. The rumors also confirm headphone jack removal, which was previously reported.

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The dual-camera system contains two sensors with different color detection that snap two photos simultaneously. By then merging the two photos, the device creates a brighter, more detailed result. The merging also allows users to zoom with more clarity and sharpen photos from low-light environments, like concerts.

With the removal of the headphone jack in favor of Bluetooth and charger port connectivity, the new iPhone will also significantly alter mobile music listening. 

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Another huge change will affect the home button. Instead of a button that physically presses into the phone, the home “button” simply responds to pressure with a vibrating sensation after a click. These new models will also run the previously announced iOS, the enhanced iPhone software.

Advertising Age reports that the source of the rumors are “people familiar with the matter” and “a person who has used a prototype version of the upcoming device”—all chose not to be identified.

While iPhone sales have dropped recently, the new release aims to boost Apple's holiday sales. The cause of the recent drop is most likely the delay in between new product launches, which is why Apple plans to unveil the new iPhone version this Fall rather than next year. The new iPhones will have the iPhone 6 and 6S 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screen sizes, and the larger of the two features the dual-camera system.

Written by Caitlyn Ralph