[Image Credit: Forbes]

The iPhone 7 came out about five months ago meaning naturally people are getting tired of it, but don't fret because we may now know what the new iPhones will look like along with knowing some key features.

Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo predicts that there will three new phones this year, including the possible addition of the “iPhone 8” according to a report from 9to5Mac.

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Of course, just like every year after the new iPhone is released, two phones are predicted to be merely upgrades to the 7, such as the 7s. However, the big news from this analysis comes in the form of a feature that would be added to all three phones.

Wireless charging isn't really a new feature, especially when it comes to Android phones, but this would mark the first time Apple has embraced wireless charging natively. Currently, the only way you'd be able to charge your iPhone 7 wirelessly would be using a special charger.

However, because of this wireless charging capability, the new iPhones would produce more heat resulting in Apple having to add a new layer to protect the 3D touch sensor inside the phone. Unfortunately for consumers, this would result in a price hike for the new phone.

A recent rumor, also posted by 9to5Mac, reported that the new special edition “iPhone 8” would cost upwards of $1000.

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