Slipknot released their new video for “The Devil In I” today, and it marked the first appearances of the band’s new bassist and drummer. Of course during the video, they were both masked, concealing their identities.

We still don’t know who the drummer is, but it looks like the bassist’s identity has been revealed. What gave him away? His hand tattoos did. First, the PRP posted this screenshot of the bassist from the video, showing a distinct hand tattoo and finger tattoos:

Then, MetalSucks did some digging and found that musician Alessandro Venturella has identical tattoos. Venturella is a member of the band Krokodil and has reportedly served as a guitar tech for Mastodon and Architects U.K.

Take a close look at Venturella and his hand tattoo:

Pretty much a dead match, right? Here’s a side-by-side comparison via MetalSucks:

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts. We reached out to the band’s label and have not yet received a response. If you missed it, watch Slipknot’s “The Devil In I” video below.