New Years Day go Mad Max in their new desert-set music video for “I'm About To Break You,” which sees the band members chained up, locked in cages and under surveillance.

Vocalist Ash Costello says, “We are big fans of Mad Max and have always wanted to make a post-apocolyptic style video. The location we filmed at was a few hours away from Los Angeles where they put on a festival every year called 'Wasteland Weekend' that is dedicated to the post-apocolyptic lifestyle. We had a blast making props and riding around in those amazing cars. Having fans and friends join us as extras made it icing on the cake.”

As attempts to escape from their ordeal in their derelict prison seem futile, there's an epic uprising, lead by an armed, determined and un-fuck-withable Ash Costello who would make Tank Girl proud.

Check out the video below, and let us know what you think.