Will Slipknot's founder and percussionist, M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan, be hanging up his mask after the band's next album? A new interview with the enigmatic musician seems to put his future with the group in question.

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We've been keeping tabs on Slipknot's progress on their next studio effort, the follow-up to 2014's .5: The Gray Chapter, and it looks like things are progressing: As Crahan himself told us, the band are currently in the writing stages for their next LP, and the musician said they “get together every four months just to write”—albeit without vocalist Corey Taylor, who possibly hasn't yet heard the new material due to his ongoing tour with Stone Sour.

But, as pointed out by Metal Injection, Crahan recently told Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta on an episode of The Jasta Show podcast that he feels Slipknot's next album “could be it for [him],” saying, “We're all getting older. I never like telling anyone, like, 'Hey, this is it!'” Listen to the full episode below.

“I just spent four months thinking about my life and where I'm at now because I'm at a real honest place,” Crahan said. “A lot of it is bringing all this emotion to art and music. And honestly, this music that we're writing right now is just, like, the proof of looking inward and being able to put the first foot down and say, 'We're gonna do something for ourselves and write.'”

This echoes what Crahan told us in August about the writing process for Slipknot's future release, when the musician said, “We're artists. We’re not gonna be told when to write, what to write, how to write… But we get together because we can, and we want to, not because we're being told.”

Still, Crahan appeared to indicate that the band's sixth studio album may be the end of the road for him: “We've been writing and this music is coming out… I feel weird things are coming but it's always like that for guys like us, we get involved in our records and the sky all-of-a-sudden changes.”

Crahan added, “And we got some stuff man,” referring to Slipknot's new tunes, before saying, as excerpted above, “I feel like this could be it for me.”

Do you think Crahan will get out of the Slipknot game after the band's next album? What do you think the musician meant by saying, “This could be it”? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think.

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