Nightmare before Christmas screen shot
[Photo by: The Nightmare Before Christmas/Disney]

The Nightmare Before Christmas director Henry Selick has revealed his one big regret regarding one of our all-time favorite Halloween movies.

Check out what reshoot Selick considers his biggest mistake below!

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This Halloween classic is a stop-animation film, meaning the crew will do their absolute best to film everything right the first time to avoid doing any lengthy reshoots.

It seems one classic scene from the film ended up requiring a do-over, but Selick admits his biggest mistake was taking the original scene out—a scene that involved a joke about Tim Burton himself.

“There’s a shot, and I really regret replacing it,” Selick tells Bleeding Cool News. “At the very end of the film when Jack comes back and then Sandy Claws flies overhead and there’s snow and Christmas comes to Halloween Town.

We show a lot of Halloween Towners enjoying winter sports and snow and you see the vampires playing hockey and they hit the puck right at the camera – and originally it was Tim Burton’s head.

And it was really funny. And Denise Di Novi or one of the Hollywood producers told me, I don’t think Tim’s going to like that—and I feel so stupid for not just asking him. But that’s one of the shots that we reshot and we put in a pumpkin instead. I don’t know if that shot still exists, but I’d love to replace the one in there and I’m sure Tim would love it.”

We’re really, REALLY hoping Selick can unearth the original scene and share it with Nightmare Before Christmas fans everywhere.

The film turns an astounding 25-years-old this Monday, Oct 29 and doesn’t seem to be getting lost in the shuffle of spooky movies anytime soon.

“I’m so happy that we got to make it and that it’s had this life,” Selick adds. “[It was this] initial small success, it made double its money, and they made a few toys and it went away. And then it slowly became this other thing.

Ultimately, they’ve made well over a billion dollars in merchandising. So it’s actually done very well for Disney financially, but for me I’m just so happy that we got to make it and that it’s lived on.”

You can watch the regretful scene Selick is referring to below:

Would you like to see the original Burton joke scene? Sound off in the comments below!