[Photo by: John Crawford]

Nine Inch Nails announced last month that they would be releasing a trilogy of EP's coinciding with their most recent release, Not The Actual Events—and it looks like the band will be debuting the second EP, Add Violence, in the trilogy next week.

And they've released the EP's opening track, “Less Than,” which you can listen to below! (via Consequence Of Sound)

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According to the news source, it'll be a five track EP that “finds the band becoming more accessible and impenetrable at the same time,” released Friday, July 21.

Preorders are currently available on the band's website, and you can check out the EP's track listing and listen to “Less Than” below:

It shouldn't be too big of a surprise, though. Trent Reznor said they would be releasing a new EP before the band's summer festival appearances, which begin on July 23. He also revealed that the band's most recent release, Not The Actual Events, was the first in a triology of EPs, meaning that a third EP will also be coming.

Track list:
1. Less Than
2. The Lovers
3. This Isn’t the Place
4. Not Anymore
5. The Background World

Tour dates:
7/23 – Los Angeles, CA @ FYF Fest
7/30 – New York, NY @ Panorama Festival
9/15 – Chicago, IL @ Riot Fest
10/21 – Sacramento, CA @ Aftershock Fest

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