[Photo credit: MariCar Facebook]

Wind your hair, adrenaline pumping through your veins, faithful sidekick Luigi at your side—that's what it must feel like when you're riding MariCar style.

The Tokyo-based company rents go-karts in the style of Mario Kart to its customers. Not only that, but a costume is included too.

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Nintendo, however, is not happy with MariCar.

So much so that the massive electronics company is suing MariCar over copyright infringement and for violating Japan's Unfair Competition Prevention Act, (via Kotaku).

A press release by Nintendo announcing the lawsuit reads: “In order to protect our valuable intellectual property that we have built up over many years of effort, we will continue to take resolute measures in the future.”

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The release also claims MariCar uses Mario Kart “for publicity and sales without obtaining our [Nintendo's] permission.”

Kotaku adds that exploring the city go-kart style is quite common in Tokyo.

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