[Photo by: @amazongames/Twitter]

In a surprise announcement that is sure to excited all those classic Nintendo lovers, Nintendo has announced a limited-edition 3DS XL in the style of the Super NES. Not to mention, it features a download code for Super Mario Kart.

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The new 3DS XL is currently available for preorder, set to be released Nov. 27—just in time for the holiday gift giving season.

It also happens to be an Amazon exclusive, meaning for $199.99, you can own a 3DS XL for yourself.

Of course, just last month, Nintendo announced that the NES Classic will be making a comeback next year. Nintendo will reportedly resume production of the beloved NES Classic in the summer of 2018. 

The first-issue NES Classic—the miniature, dedicated gaming console that contained 30 built-in NES games—was released in late 2016, quickly became a hard-to-find gamer's holy grail, and was subsequently discontinued only six months later in April.

So whether you want the actual NES classic, or just the 3DS XL look-alike, you have a few opportunities to get your hands on the gaming system.

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