An old demo of Nirvana members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic has been unveiled by Scratch Acid drummer Rey Washam.

The recording from 1992 is part of a two-hour jam session that features the three musicians playing an early version of the Nirvana track “Scentless Apprentice.”

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In the caption of the video posted by Washam, he wrote about the rehearsal and what all went down.

“At the Nirvana rehearsal studio. Dave was obviously new to guitar , but had some songs he wanted to try out with a band. I had just quit playing in Tad and Dave asked me to come over and “jam”. I had never met Dave or Kurt and Krist even though I had heard Kurt was a fan of a band I used to be in, Scratch Acid. The jam was very low key , but I had to play Dave’s drums the way he had them set up for himself,” Washam says.

“Krist showed up and fun was had by all. This is only a portion of a two hour jam session. Later that night we went to go see Gun’s and Roses at the Kingdome.? Dave got me into the show and a little trouble started. Maybe a few too many egos in the place. I think the tape speaks for itself,” he continues.

“Dave made the right decision to have Taylor play drums in Foo Fighters and not me. He never asked me to play with him again after that night. I still think he’s a good guy,” he finishes.

You can listen to the 30 minute clip of the recording session below. You can hear “Scentless Apprentice” at about 24:30.

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