[Photos by: Ten Second Songs/YouTube, NirvanaVEVO/YouTube]

Here we are now: Ten Second Songs' Anthony Vincent entertains us with Nirvana's “Smells Like Teen Spirit” performed in 20 different styles, ranging from the emo pop of Panic! At The Disco to the valiant rock balladry of Evanescence. See the amusing YouTube challenge below.

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There's seemingly been an uptick in unorthodox covers of the iconic “Teen Spirit” of late—Sleep Good's uncanny reimagining of the scene-shattering 1991 hit as a jaunty pop-punk number immediately comes to mind—but none appear to go quite so far as popular YouTuber Vincent's expansive display of genre tropes applied to the Gen X anthem. Drawing from specific artists' styles as suggested by his followers, watch as the entertainer tackles the tune morphed by disparate sonic elements with infectious aplomb:

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