noah cyrus tears
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Noah Cyrus is doesn’t really care about haters have to say. She’s on the radio, making money and living her best life.

She claps back at Twitter trolls about everything from her breakup with Lil Xan to selling her tears in a new video by Buzzfeed. Watch the video and her hilarious responses below.

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The sister of Miley and Trace Cyrus has been making headlines a lot lately. First, it was her very public, really emo breakup with Lil Xan due to a Charlie Puth-inspired meme—and both parties being accused of cheating.

Following that drama, Noah listed a $12,000 bottle of tears on her merch site. It was all a joke, and she didn’t think anyone would actually try to buy it. However, someone didn’t get her sense of humor and tried really really hard to the get the bottle. So hard, in fact, that Cyrus had to reimburse an entire GoFundMe campaign.

The singer talks about both incidents and more in a new video Buzzfeed is sharing. The singer responds to people who haters about her music (“At least I’m on the radio, b*tch!”), her love for One Direction and even comparisons with Noah Centineo (we were confused too).

Plus, she talks about the breakup with Lil Xan after reading a tweet from someone who got broken up with over a SpongeBob meme.

“At least it wasn’t a naked picture of Charlie Puth,” laughs Noah.

As for the tears, the musician explains—again—that it was all a joke.

“There was no bottle of tears,” she says. “All of the money’s getting refunded, so joke’s on you.”

You can watch the full Buzzfeed video and check out her responses below:

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